We’re Living In Tomorrow’s Golden Age

We all wish that we lived in some other time period. We look back at the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s and think, “Wow, what a time that was.” We’ve fallen in love with the music and the fashion, fooling ourselves thinking that life was better then.

But the reality of it is that it isn’t.

Much like the premise of one of my favorite movies, Midnight in Paris, people are always going to want to live in a time before theirs. They think that the golden age has passed. It’s a common mistake we fall into making because only the good things survive the past. It’s like the survival of the fittest but with media.

Back then, there was bound to be absolutely terrible art, movies, shows, and music being made. They made such small impacts that they slipped through the sieve of time. And that sieve of time keeps shaking.

Everything has a lifespan; the bigger things might just take longer to crumble and slip through the sieve. At that point, no one’s going to even notice because we’ve all moved onto the next things. But I digress.

Someone is going to be living in 2050 and wish that they were living in a time of Taylor Swift re-releasing her albums, the Ted Lasso hype, Marvel shows, and the work-from-home Zoom boom of 2020/21. We’re living in a golden age.

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Content writer. Graphic designer. Meal-finisher. Seinfeld enjoyer.

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Francis Alcantara

Content writer. Graphic designer. Meal-finisher. Seinfeld enjoyer.